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04 December 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Heroes Killboard  
Well, we have a few retcons. Matt's survival resulted in guns losing a kill. Also, we now know that Joseph was killed by Samuel, so that sends Danko back to two. Samuel, meanwhile, is now the third-greatest killer on Heroes with 14 kills.

As the show is going on hiatus, I thought that I'd post the current kill counts:

44 kills - Gabriel Sylar
18 kills - Maya Herrara
14 kills - Samuel
13 kills - Tracy Strauss
10 kills - Niki/Jessica Sanders
5 kills - Matt Parkman
4 kills - Adam Monroe, Noah Bennet
3 kills - James Martin, Jeremy Greer, Knox
2 kills - Arthur Petrelli, Edgar, Emile Danko, Flint
1 kill - Angela Petrelli, Becky Taylor, Brody Mitchum, Claire Bennet, D.L. Hawkins, Daniel Linderman, Elle Bishop, Eric Doyle, Evil Cop (the guy who killed Jeremy Greer), Hiro Nakamura, Isaac Mendez, Luke Campbell, Mohinder Suresh, Peter Petrelli, Samson Gray, Stephen Canfield, Ted Sprague

Also, a few words about my methodology. A character coming back to life does not negate the kill (except for Sylar killing Charlie, which was undone by Hiro). If we don't know how many people were killed by someone, I make an estimate of each incident. I tend to err on the low side, so a single incident in which a lot of people die doesn't put someone ahead too much. Finally, I am ignoring the online comics.