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28 April 2009 @ 06:08 am
The Impossible War C1  

New fanfic, this one a Doctor Who/Buffy crossover.

I want to talk about the genesis of this idea. It started as a concept for an original story, whereby aliens invade Earth, and are repulsed when all the dormant mythical creatures (notably dragons, thunderbirds, and vampires) rise and decide that they don't like the aliens. Over time, the idea focused more and more on magic being the key to victory. Eventually, I inserted Willow into the story, followed by the rest of the Buffy cast, and the concept of magic weapons I borrowed from "I Am What I Am". Finally, after watching the first season of the new Doctor Who series, I cast the Daleks as the invading aliens. This story actually takes place after the invasion of Earth.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of its characters. They belong to the BBC. Nor do I own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or any of their characters. They belong to the First Evil (aka Joss Whedon).
The concept of magical weapons as seen in this story is borrowed from M. McGregor's excellent Buffy fic, "I Am What I Am", which can be found at http://parrot.moments-lost.org/earchive/viewstory.php?sid=3370.
Note: This story effectively replaces the Doctor Who episodes "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways", and can be considered an alternate finale for Season One of the new series. It is also a post-Chosen fic.

“So, where are we going?” Captain Jack Harkness asked.

“Andammarin V, 2021,” the Doctor explained. “The Goreshal.” Off Rose’ expression: “A legendary interstellar cultural fair, about as famous as Woodstock on Earth.”

“Is it any good?” Rose inquired.

“I dunno. Never been before.” He adjusted the TARDIS controls, before finally announcing, “And here we are.”

“Won’t we stand out?” Rose said as she approached the door. “I mean, we’ll be the only humans there.”

“Don’t worry,” Jack assured her. “Supposedly, every intelligent species in the galaxy attended the Goreshal. We’re just representing the humans.”

“And the Time Lords,” the Doctor added. “Don’t forget the Time Lords.”

Rose opened the door.

The scene outside the TARDIS was one of chaos. Aliens of all shapes, sizes, and colors ran around in what was clearly a state of panic. Amidst the screams, she heard explosions in the distance.


The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS, followed by Jack.

“Well, this is not good.”


“Excuse me?”

“Get out of the way!” An alien about the size and shape of a rugby player pushed past Rose, ignoring her question. The Doctor and Jack weren’t having much better luck finding out what was going on.

Rose found an alien that resembled a fifty-centimeter tall squid with three legs, and picked it up.

“What’s going on?” she yelled into its face.

“Lady, put me down!”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on!” The Doctor and Jack joined her.

“We’re evacuating, obviously! This spaceport is one of the last parts of the planet they haven’t overrun! Now put me down! I need to get to a transport!”


The alien squirmed out of Rose’s grasp. It fell to the ground and scurried away, following the crowd.

“OK, something’s wrong,” she commented.

“Very wrong. Clearly, the planet is under attack. But by whom?” the Doctor wondered aloud.

“Um, you might want to see this!” Jack was standing by a window. Rose and the Doctor joined him.

Outside, Rose could clearly see an army of Daleks approaching the spaceport. Saucer-shaped ships hovered in the air, firing missiles at the surface.

“That’s impossible!” Jack declared. “Those ships were destroyed!”

“There’s only one explanation for this,” the Doctor said evenly. “An alternate reality.”

“Those Daleks will be here any minute,” Rose pointed out, her voice trembling with fear.

“We need to get out of here!” Jack shouted. “Back to our reality!”

“We can’t,” the Doctor shook his head. “The TARDIS can’t draw that kind of power from an alternate reality. We’ll need to get onto a transport.”

“Good luck with that,” a passing alien said. “There’s barely enough transports for everyone here. Besides, the Daleks have us pinned down, so the ships can’t get out anyway. Unless the Gaians get here in time, we’re all gonna die.”

“Gaians?” Jack turned to them.

On cue, there was a sound of thunder from above. They all looked up to see a flash of black lightning and smoke. When it faded, Rose saw the last thing she expected to see here.

She seemed human, no older than Rose herself. She had long red hair, and wore a simple green jacket and red pants. As she descended to the ground, Rose noticed that her eyes were completely black.

The aliens gaped in awe. Rose heard them whisper her name – “Willow”. More than a few knelt to the ground. Rose had seen the Queen given less respect.

Willow – it seemed like it would be the best thing to call her for now – waved her hands and uttered a few words, which the TARDIS translated as “Open the path.” Eleven other humans appeared around her. Five of them were young women in leather jackets, and carried archaic weapons. The other six were of mixed genders, and wore green jackets similar to Willow’s. One – a black male in his thirties – looked familiar somehow. But Rose was too confused to place him.

“Attention!” Willow called out. Her accent was American. “I am General Willow Rosenberg of the Champions of Gaia. Proceed with the evacuation. I will hold off the Daleks, and the Tara will provide cover for your ships.” Everyone kept staring at her. “Now, people!”

That got them moving.


“I have an idea!” the Doctor said. “We can’t just jump to our reality, but if the TARDIS can still translate for us, it should have enough power to fly out of here at sublight!”

They raced for the TARDIS. But apparently, Willow had overheard them. She appeared right between them and the TARDIS door.

“Can you explain to me what you are doing here?” she asked, cocking her head to one side.

“We’re getting out of here,” the Doctor explained. “This is our spaceship.”

“It looks like a police box to me.”

“It’s bigger on the inside,” Rose said. “Look.” She opened the door. Willow peered inside.

“Interesting,” she said. “Well, if this is a spaceship, then you can help with the evacuation effort.” She called out loud: “Lieutenant Smith!”

The man whom Rose had found familiar came over.

“This is apparently a spaceship of some sort. As you can see,” she gestured towards the open door, “it’s bigger on the inside. Take command, collect as many people as you can fit on board, and bring it to the Tara.”

“Yes, ma’am!” He turned to Rose, Jack, and the Doctor. “You’re the crew?”

“Yes. I’m the Doctor. This is my ship. These are my companions,” the Doctor explained.

“Get on board and start her up. I’ll gather some evacuees.”

Lieutenant Smith ventured into the crowd and started collecting aliens. Soon, the ship was packed tight with more aliens than Rose had ever seen before – including the little squid that she had interrogated earlier.

“How long before you can go?” Smith asked the Doctor.

“I need about three minutes! The power source has been drained!”


Rose looked outside the TARDIS. She saw Daleks – at least twenty of them – entering the facility.

“Lieutenant!” she called.

Smith came over.

“Don’t worry. We’ll handle them. Can you show outside video in here?”

“Sure.” It was one of the few features Rose knew how to operate. “Why?”

“Because I want everyone in here to have a chance to see some of the best Champions in action.”

As Smith closed the door, Rose activated the video screens. She stared as Willow and the leather-clad girls prepared to take on the Daleks.

The Daleks fired their death-rays in unison at Willow. She waved her hand, and a yellowish barrier appeared, protecting her from harm. She then fired a bolt of black lightning from her hand, blasting five Daleks into twisted metal.

The other girls weren’t quite as destructive, but they were equally amazing. They bounded forward with incredible speed, dodging the Dalek death-rays. An Asian girl wielding a Japanese sword sliced one Dalek in two. A dark-haired girl with a red axe hacked off another Dalek’s eyestalk, before driving the other end – which was apparently pointy – straight through its body.

“How is that possible?” she asked Smith. “I’ve seen a Dalek before. Bullets can’t harm them, how can swords and axes?”

“Magic, of course,” he replied. “Those are magical weapons, and that’s magic Willow is using.”

The Daleks were dead now. But more started pouring in.

“Doctor, where’s the power source?” Smith asked.

“Right here,” the Doctor pointed to the heart of the TARDIS, where he was working.

A bolt of electricity lept from Smith’s hand into the machinery. Finally, the TARDIS started up.

“We were out of time,” Smith explained.

The Doctor flew the TARDIS out of there, keeping up with the last of the transport ships.

Rose continued to observe the video screens. She saw that the spaceport was burning. Soon, it was consumed in flames. But rather than burning out, the flames spread outwards, destroying everything in their path (mostly Daleks). The flames in the spaceport died, leaving a ring of fire that expanded at an increasing rate.

“What’s happening?”

“She’s burning the planet,” the squid explained. “Whenever a planet falls to the Daleks, they bring in Willow. She brings forth some sort of Gaian relic –“

“The Effigy of Proserpexa,” another alien clarified.

“Right. Anyway, she then channels the planet’s life force through the effigy, and burns the planet to a cinder – killing every Dalek on the planet at the time.”

Rose was shocked beyond words.

“Legend says that she tried to do it to Earth once. Her lover was killed, so in her grief, she tried to destroy the planet, to put an end to all the pain.”

“What… what is she?” Jack Harkness asked.

“What do you mean, what is she?” Smith answered. “She’s a witch.”